Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dutch House and History of Démodé Fashion

Here is one of my skirts (that my lovely girlfriend is modeling) from my label Démodé Fashion. You can find it at here on Etsy.

The label has been around for a little over a year and has been available on and at Parts & Labour in Austin, TX. Last summer I took a few months off to focus on finishing my French degree and applying to schools, however, it's back! I just reopened the shop and put in a couple of dresses and skirts. I'll be adding more items soon.

A brief history:
Démodé is the wicked step child of Radioactive Threads, the online vintage shop which I started with my girlfriend two years ago. While helping my girlfriend sew a pair of curtains, I started messing around with her sewing machine and made a few things with it. From there I ventured on to creating bags and selling them on Etsy. After practicing and practicing I made my first dress pattern. Since then I have made a little of everything, including shirts, bags, skirts, pants and shorts.

I try to spend a lot of time on sewing but the past month I have been perfecting my sketching skills since I am applying to fashion school. I will try to post some of my sketches on here soon. I'm almost finished with my sketches and will be mailing my applications in soon, so keep your fingers crossed!

On a side note...if you are not familiar with Dutch House music, you need to get in your time machine and travel back to 1993 and get FAMILIARIZED. No not really, I mean if you have ever watched or been to a fashion show, they were probably playing Dutch house. Below is a 2000 and one (who is Dutch) remix of Christian Smith ft. Reset Robot. You must listen.


  1. Your friend looks fab! Love the colours

  2. I love that skirt, I have no hips - so I bet that would be the type of skirt I'd look good in. Nice color too.

  3. so charming! honestly, i can think of at least six ways to wear this precious little skirt! (that's my thing, wearing ONE piece a million ways!!) really; alone, (er, with a top, of course...) over tights or jeans, or a dress, or petticoat!! ohh... or just slipping it over the neck/shoulders for a sweet mod cowl/poncho!! yay! lovely!